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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality in Bozeman, MT

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It’s important to never take your home’s indoor air quality for granted. It’s the place you spend most of your time. Though you might think the dust and germs are shut outdoors when you go inside, if your ventilation is poor, you or your family could find the air stuffy and hard to breathe. In fact, EPA studies find that the air inside a house can be up to 10 times more polluted compared to what’s outside. Even in the smoggiest of cities, the outdoor air can be less polluted.

Let our Bozeman indoor air quality technicians at Monarch Heating and Cooling help you breathe easy again. Our professionals will test your air quality and recommend the perfect products for improving it.

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It’s Important to Monitor Your Indoor Air Quality

Whether it’s keeping your HVAC system clean or occasionally testing air quality, it’s essential to maintain an awareness of the breathability of your indoor space. As proper ventilation decreases over time, especially with a lack of proper maintenance, you may notice an increase in dust floating in the air or the sensation of not breathing comfortably. Maybe you sneeze more often.

Still, poor indoor air quality in Bozeman isn't just about dust and allergens. It can also be caused by breathing in air that is either too humid or too dry. When you call on our certified professionals, we will inspect your ventilation and test your air quality. After which we’ll be happy to make repairs or install devices that will quickly improve your indoor air quality.

Top Products to Help You Clear & Clean the Air

You can trust Monarch Heating and Cooling to only recommend the best indoor air products for your home. Below are some of the products that we suggest for bringing your indoor air to its optimal level.

Indoor air quality products we install include:

  • Honeywell Air Purifiers: This air purifier uses a filtration system that uses a special charge-capture-destroy process to capture far more air particles than traditional filters. As a result, it’s capable of ridding your home of 99% of unwanted particles. The filters are long-lasting, only needing to be changed out every 6 to 12 months.
  • Honeywell UV Air Purifiers: This is an air purifier that uses ultraviolet light to eliminate contaminants such as mold on the surface of air conditioning coils. It also uses AirBRIGHT™ Odor Absorption to rid your home of pollen and dust. In addition to air particles, it’s excellent for protecting you from viruses and bacteria that can get trapped in your ventilation system.
  • Honeywell Humidifiers: The Honeywell Humidifier can monitor the dryness in your home, automatically running water as needed. It’s great for comfortable air and cutting energy bill costs.
  • Honeywell Dehumidifier: Whether the moisture problem is in one room or throughout your whole living space, you can count on this dehumidifier to rid the air of excess moisture. It drains automatically, and is capable of removing up to 120 pints of moisture per day. In exchange, it brings freshly filtered air indoors, helping you breathe better.
  • AirScrubber Plus: Think of the AirScrubber Plus as an all-in-one solution to your air purification needs. It uses your furnace, fan, or AC unit to clean the air, while also ridding the air of particles that contribute to strong odors. Lastly, it works to purify your indoor air by constantly working to reduce pollutants, chemicals, mold spores, and other dangerous contaminants.

Whichever air quality products you settle on, you can count on the friendly certified experts at Monarch Heating and Cooling to provide a fast, clean, and efficient installation process. You’ll be breathing better quality air before you know it.

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No matter when you need indoor air quality service, you can count on the trusted expertise of our well-trained staff. We will answer all of your questions and get to work bringing you comfortably breathable air. Our team is also the go to in Belgrade MT for air quality services.

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